Comments are Welcome

Your input to the following questions is appreciated.

  • What does Morgan do well?
  • What positive things are found in the community?
  • Where are there opportunities for improvement within the community?
  • What resources at Morgan can be used to benefit both the community and university? 
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7 responses to “Comments are Welcome

  1. One of the main things Morgan has done is to provide the surrounding community with a viable college environment for African American students. Also Morgan provides wonderful opportunities through out reach programs like the STEM programs and other programs. WEAA radio station is another very positive entity and is truly the voice of the community. Morgan has remains very responsive to the needs of it neighboring community like Perring Loch and others.
    As former President of Perring Loch I and other community members recognize the need for Morgan University to continue to communicate with it’s neighbors. In closing…The surrounding communities are blessed with seniors who remain active and in their homes. If a study could be done on the number of seniors remaining in their homes and active and the needs these seniors who remain in their home may encounter….Thanks for the opportunity to communicate my concerns and the concerns of my immediate neighbors. Robert L.

  2. The community has discussed the parking with the city and Morgan’s current president. It’s time for Morgan to put pressure on the city.The city has no problem with monitoring with consistancy ticketing and towing on Perring Pkwy. where the revenue intake is much higher. We only ask that the same due diligence be executed in the permit and tax paying community.

  3. Thanks for your comment. Would it help if Morgan and the community discuss this with the city so parking tickets can be given out? I don’t like being punitive all the time but one ticket may change a student’s behavior.

  4. Morgan does well with supporting the city with the parking resrictions on the eastern side of Perring Pkwy.and trash clean-up on that side. That’s not the case with the immediate communities perpendicular to Perring. The students dominate the neighborhood Mon. to Fri. with their vehicles and distribution of their trash throughout the neighborhood. It’s not just taking up most parking spaces,but their selfish and trifling manners;parking in the middle of a two car space or with their car sticking out into traffic. Leadership can be a resource to bring about a change.

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